Paris 1919

Paris1919 has been my primary focus for the past two years. It is a combination of extremely self driven work along with large collaborations for live events.  In this case most of the recordings are just me, or one or two collaborators.  On the live events side,  the Czeslaw’s Loop project involved over forty musicians. The […]

Holiday in Dirt

My Beloved Movie Star (directed by Rick Fuller) Holiday in Dirt was my first big multimedia project. The idea was to take great film and videomakers and let them each pick a song off of the Stan Ridgway album “Holiday in Dirt” (a compilation I produced and released through NewWest records and RED…  I also […]

UnConvention: a Mix-Tape from Saint Paul

“Unconvention, a Mixtape from St. Paul” is a feature length documentary I produced about the 2008 Republican Convention. Political party conventions are not known for being memorable, except of course when they are. 1968 ring a bell? For four days in September of 2008 the Republicans took over the sleepy city of Saint Paul and […]

Mark Mallman Marathon III

  Mark Mallman is musician, composer, and rock star, and on October 10, 2010 he finished a marathon: he played one song for seventy eight hours. It was watched online by more than twenty five thousand people from all over the world, plus a few thousand in real time. The Mark Mallman Marathon involved one hundred […]


The Institute of Production and Recording is a two year college offering associates degrees in Audio Production & Engineering and Entertainment Business. I joined their faculty in 2003, teaching their introductory course. Eventually I co-authored their entertainment business curriculum, which led to authoring  most of the promotional materials and staff bios, and redefining and cementing in […]