Conversation was a television program that I created, produced and hosted to be broadcast on KTCA.  The idea was to create an evergreen talk show, something like Dick Cavett or Person to Person. It would literally be a conversation–sometimes the telling of stories, sometimes history or whatever else popped up.  In taking this different approach […]

Twin/Tone Records Group

  From 1995 to 2001 I was the Director of Artist and Product for the Twin/Tone Record Group, a label that also oversaw a family of about twelve other labels.  Director of A&P is a fancy way of saying that I was ultimately responsible for the artist side of things, and the product side as […]


M-80 was a concert that happened in 1979.  It was the  definitive concert of the No Wave movement, presented by the Walker Art Center. Two days, twenty bands, all filmed for a movie to come out…except it never did…   Shortly after it was shot the film disappeared. Life moved on. Until twenty some years […]

Innova/American Composers Forum

Innova is the record label of the American Composers Forum; they are the second largest nonprofit label in the US after Smithsonian Folkways. I started to work officially for them in 2001 after 8 years of on and off consulting for them (I worked a great deal on their ten-year series Sonic Circuits), once again […]

Future Perfect

Future Perfect was an experimental sound system I created in the late 90’s.  To quote from its bio: “Future Perfect is a sound system, integrating music, abstract sound,  video and light to create an environment. A cross cultural concept mixing classic and popular electronica, tape loops, found sounds and concept music, to create a trance-inducing soundscape, and presenting it in a challenging […]