Nice Things People Have Said

“Chris can do pretty much anything, do it well, and make it successful. He is a creative force,

impresario, personality, and straight shooter. If I were to form a think tank, he would be in it. If I

needed a leader or creative director for a project, he would be in. If I had an idea I needed to get off

the ground, I’d consult him right away. He’s not just a producer of great work – he is a great

facilitator for others and gets them motivated.”

— James Gladman, Professor SCAD,


“Chris is a loose cannon in the best possible sense: An endlessly curious polymath who can aim,

shoot and fire — successfully — in any direction. One of the most fascinating people I know — and

one who knows most of the other fascinating ones, too.”

— Tim Campbell, Entertainment Editor, Star Tribune,


“Chris is broad minded and well versed in both aesthetic and practical aspects of the music

business. I have always admired his positive energy and collaborative spirit.”

— Ed Ackerson, CEO, Susstones,


“Chris has an incredible command of knowledge about the music industry, and is a trailblazer in

electronic music. His contributions to the Twin Cities music community are legend, and he has the

ability to create engaging, intelligent music events that push the boundaries on music composition.”

— Robyne Robinson,  Former news anchor – reporter, fox 9 news, Jewlery designer


“Chris gets things done. Simple as that. He’s got a grasp of all media, whether it’s the most recent

media or the media that’s coming in the next 30 seconds, he get’s it. Most people don’t.”

— Steven Greenberg,  Funkytown


“Chris has always been an ambitious go-getter type who makes good common-sense decisions.”

— Gene Hollister, VP, Rose Presents,””Chris is the consummate Master of Ceremonies in the three ring circus of art, music and insanity.


“Chris is the king of cool. While he has a knack at being the nerd, it only serves as subterfuge for

his brilliant mastery as the ultimate purveyor of what is going to be hip tomorrow. There are gobs of

times where I find myself thinking that Chris has got to be kidding, only to find myself looking back

months or years later in shock that he absolutely had his finger on the pulse before anyone else

saw it coming.”

— Joe Henderson, Attorney & Counselor at Law, J. F. Henderson Law, PLLC,


He guides projects with just the right amount of auteur vision mixed with laissez-faire

experimentalism.” — Kristoffer Larson, Owner, Tension Studios,


“I worked with Chris on a television pilot and on a couple of feature films. This man knows the

creative process. In fact, he likely knows over one hundred creative processes, perhaps even

besting Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies” card deck. Chris has a great fondness and expertise for

old art forms (such as: writing, old-school comedy, exotica jazz, mod design) but is constantly

finding ways to reinvent those forms and bring them into the near future. He’s not just an idea man;

he makes things happen. He’s a producer. He produces. The end product might be an album, a

DVD, a web site, a performance, or some happening “all of the above” combo. Whatever it is, I

guarantee it will make the world a more interesting place.”

— Chuck Olsen, Senior Web Producer, Twin Cities Public Television,


“Chris exudes an infectious energy with every project he is involved in. Looking into the corners,

pulling back cobwebs, turning on a dime — his drive and passion fuel everything he does and,

ultimately, also leads to his numerous successes in every venture he embarks on.”

— Vickie Gilmer, Writer, Star Tribune,


“Chris is full of knowledge, steeped in experience. An ahead of the curve thinker and straight talker

with a sane view of the music biz that is generally spot on. He’s a great resource to me and a great

teacher to those just learning the business and art of music. I value him as a huge asset to the

music community and as a friend. Monte Moir”

— Monte Moir, Musican,


Chris is a great partner and collaborator who know how to get things done and will always work to

bring together resources and partners to support a a project at the highest level. He’s not afraid to

think big but will also dig in to get the detail work done as well.”

— Steve Brunsberg, Production Manager, St Paul Neighborhood Network, St Paul MN,



“Chris was beneficial in producing events for various size venues and was always professional in

both negotiating and facilitating these events.”

— Stephen Thomas McClellan, General Manager, First Avenue,



“Chris is an interesting, eclectic producer of music and visual arts extravaganzas which I had the

fortune to participate in both as musician and live videographer.”

— Sean Smuda, Photographer,


“I have worked and collaborated with Chris for nearly two decades on all manner of creative

endeavor, from stage plays to Web sites. He is a caring and thoughtful person with a brilliant,

incisive and inquisitive mind. He has an uncanny knack for finding creative solutions for all manner

of issue, from the mundane to the bizarre.”

— Matt Fugate, Standup Comedian,


“Chris has been my teacher, boss, co-worker, conspirator, and friend for several years now. Few

people gravitate as naturally as he to those opportunities that beg for unique perspectives. He

resonates with the meaningful, and understands what is original. ”

— Alek Roslik, Associate Producer, “Conversation”,


“Chris was a fantastic colleague and resource when I worked at IPR. As a new teacher, I was very

pleased with the assistance he provided.”

— Lisa Needham, Adjunct Instructor, the Institute of Production and Recording,


“If you want to work with someone who thinks “outside the box,” get in touch with Chris. His creative

mind is constantly producing new project ideas. At IPR, I took on a compilation CD project initiated

by Chris and brought it to completion along with members of my Independent Label Administration


— Drew Miller, musician


“Chris was a very creative person with excellent ideas and contributions to IPR.”

— Norbert Kreuzer, Director of Career Services, IPR – Institute of Production and



“After working with Chris Strouth at both the Institute of Production and Recording and American

Composers Forum, as well as collaborating with him on any number of projects over the past 20

years, I’ve had more than ample opportunity to note that Chris possesses a rare combination of

creativity, awareness, drive, diligence, and superior communication skills that not only generates

the best results for any given endeavor, but pretty much guarantees that the next endeavor’s

outcome will be even better. I’m already looking forward to the next time we pool our efforts.”

— Rod Smith, Pedagogue, The Institute of Production and Recording,


“Chris is a very creative and focused person. He has great vision when it comes to the projects he’s

involved in.” — William LaVigne, Creative Director, LaVigne Design,


“The title Creative Director for Chris was a perfect match. He is one of the most creative thinkers I

know, he can turn an idea on it’s head and it comes out with more impact and seems more sensible

than the original idea. He has a way of generalizing concepts to create new approaches that others

would not think of. He is unique and unusual in the sense of thinking, creativity and functionality.”

— Dr. Judith James, Liberal Arts Chair, Institute for Production and Recording,


“Chris was the point person at IPR when I represented them on various legal matters. He was great

to work with. He had a very good great grasp of the legal and business issues and as a result of his

efforts we were able to resolve matters quickly and efficiently.”

— Dan Satorius, Attorney and filmmaker



“I was an advisor to students when Chris was teaching Entertainment Business classes. Chris

expected just as much out of his students as he expects from himself. That happens to be a very

high bar of achievement. I have no doubt in my mind that our students came out of his classroom

better prepared for the EB industry because of the passion and dedication he had for student


— Derrick Knight, Faculty, Institute of Production and Recording,


“Chris is articulate, knowledgeable, wise, funny, and enthusiastic–the perfect interview subject,

which is how I first got to know him when writing about music in Minnesota. He’s also generous with

his time and expertise, and a kind person to boot. Did I mention he’s a sharp dresser?”

— Peter Scholtes, staff writer, City Pages/Village Voice Media,


“Chris is an asset to the professional music community of the Twin Cities. With much experience,

he brought great light to IPR, where I worked as an instructor under him. I would recommend Chris

for any professional situation.”

— Craig Grossman, Owner/Agent, Vamp Music Source, r


“Chris was an integral part of the creation of one of the most cutting-edge Music and Entertainment

Business programs in the US. He’s proved himself to be a very driven and capable individual.”

— Owen Sartori, The Institute of Production and Recording,


“Chris was an excellent contact and representative for the American Composer’s Forum while I was

at Bayside Entertainment Distribution. He was a good person to work with and had lots of

knowledge about the recording industry. We both had an interest in higher education which gave us

something extra in common. I would highly recommend Chris for any position.”

— Doug Cox, buyer, Bayside Entertainment Distribution, was with another company when working

with Chris at American Composers Forum


“Chris has a broad background in a variety of musical styles, and has done a fabulous job building

a CD series of contemporary music by some of today’s most adventurous American composers.”

— Craig Harris, Owner, Kolmon Enterprises,


“I worked with Chris Strouth while he was the Director of Artist and Product at American Composers

Forum, dealing with Innova Recordings. Chris always did an excellent job handling the production

and promotion of my CDs. He was quick and efficient in handling any special requests that I had.

I’m pleased to give him an enthusiastic recommendation.”

— Barry Schrader, Professor, California Institute of the Arts,


“A gifted creative person himself, Chris has a great eye/ear for what is new and innovative in the art

world. He is also a very supportive, energetic, hardworking, and fun guy to work with.”

— Andrew Durkin, musician


“I can highly recommend Chris Strouth based our work together on the release on Innova

Recordings (a branch of the American Composers Forum) of our debut CD “Year of the Snake”.

Chris’ artistic and business recommendations were were sometimes counter to my own instincts,

but in the end everything that he pushed for was exactly right. In no small part due to Chris’ input,

the CD was very successful critically & artistically, and exceeded my sales expectations. The disc

was included on best-of-year lists in New York City, New Orleans, and Milan (Italy).”

— Ken Field, leader & saxophonist, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, w


“Chris has a wealth of knowledge about music and the music business. In some ways he’s a

walking google. When I first came to the American Composers Forum fresh out of college, Chris

was kind enough to offer up facts, opinions, and new modes of thinking regarding both art and

industry. I learned much from him.”

— Chris Campbell, American Composers Forum


“Chris handled my CD project with creativity and sensitivity. He came up with some fascinating

ideas and was a good listener.”

— Tim Mungenast, Musician, Guitarist, Composer,


“Chris is a great advocate for composers and musicians with a deep understanding of the music

business and a true appreciation of music as art. I highly recommend the experience of working

with Chris.”

— Richard Werbowenko, Composer, Asche & Spencer,


“Chris is an incredibly creative entrepreneur specializing in both music and technology.”

— marc silverman, w coast label liaison, ada,


“A master of pop cultural minutia, Chris is a serial innovator with solid horse sense. His

machinations might make you healthy and wealthy. So pay attention. Plus, he always has a great


— Patrick Whalen, Manager, Artists & Repertoire, K-tel International,


“I highly recomend Chris! I have worked with him on and off for years in the music business. He

knows what he is doing, he works hard for his clients and cares about his clients! Chris always had

the clients interest in mind. Chris also has good taste in music and art and a creative way of doing


— Mike Buenting, Band manager, Bull Productions,


“Chris is a diligent and determined promoter of the arts & music. I would highly recommend him.”

— Jerry Lefkowitz, musician


“Chris is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. With

that being said, I must add he is organized, professional and has an amazing sense of humor.”

— Brigid McGough, Director of Marketing and Promotions REV105,


“Chris has always been a pleasure to work on a professional level as well as a personal level. He is

very enthusiastic and driven with a solid sense of business and an abundance of creative ideas.”

— Noele Sutherland, Regional, Alternative Distribution Alliance/Warner Music Group,


“Chris has many times in the past organized large productions or music and art that I have

participated in. His success rate with these projects has been phenomenal. His ability to connect,

promote, organize, encourage, and manage large complex events and projects is top notch!”

— Paul Horn, Sr. J2EE Developer, Hazelden Foundation,


“Chris is one of the most innovative minds I have had the pleasure of working with. He knows more

about pop culture and future trends than anyone I have known. Chris Strouth would be an asset to

any creative team.”

— Karrie Vrabel, PR/Publicity/Marketing, TRG Records/Twin Tone Record Group,