M-80 was a concert that happened in 1979.  It was the  definitive concert of the No Wave movement, presented by the Walker Art Center. Two days, twenty bands, all filmed for a movie to come out…except it never did…


Shortly after it was shot the film disappeared. Life moved on. Until twenty some years later I heard a rumor that this film existed. It took almost three years to track down the footage, and the rights process for the audio is all finished but took six years. This documentary, which I produced with Rick Fuller, has been screened at the Alamo Draft House, San Francisco’s Noise Pop Fest, Sound Unseen and the Northwest Film Forum. It will come out in spring 2012 on MVD.

Here is a song by Devo, as Dove the Band of Love, that we didn’t use in the film itself but instead let Devo use on a DVD.