Holiday in Dirt

My Beloved Movie Star (directed by Rick Fuller)

Holiday in Dirt was my first big multimedia project. The idea was to take great film and videomakers and let them each pick a song off of the Stan Ridgway album “Holiday in Dirt” (a compilation I produced and released through NewWest records and RED…  I also did all the art). The filmmakers could do anything they wanted within a set of parameters, but with a budget of only five hundred dollars. (Or less than the price of a day’s catering on the kind of sets that all these folks were working on.) The result: some amazing people made some truly stunning work. The who’s who of directors include digital pioneer Jim Ludtke; the guy who invented the music video, Chuck Statler;  Phil Harder, Carlos Grasso, and Rick Fuller, who co-produced the DVD with me.  Available on Netflix.