Owner/Creative Director at Miyagi

An Aveda Hair Salon in NE MPLS, that breaks the rules of that stereotype. Bright,

colorful and very rock and roll – with a top down different management strategy: this is

not your motherʼs Aveda salon Developed branding, marketing, business plan, finance,

personnel, events.


Creative Consultant

Worked for numerous companies, and individuals ranging in roles from the very informal

to redefining the very concept of what their company does. I have also worked with

numerous individuals from multi platinum artists to people just starting a business in a

coaching role to either start a new path, or redefine and sharpen the one they are on.

The role varies as he companies do, I like at each project as its own unique situation so

there is no standard way of doing things, its catered to its uniqueness. Most of the

companies and individuals that I have worked with on I have privacy agreements, but a

few of note include Stand Up Records, Liquid Audio and the American Composers



Designer/Art Director

As a designer my work been seen on everything for ads for audio books for Sony, to rub

on tattoos for the Stand Up! Label. My work has taken me everywhere from album

covers to Shoe Lace packaging to buttons sold in boutiques to international ad

campaigns. As an art director even more ads, posters and records including the Grammy

nominated kind.





Producer/Director at -self-

-Assorted Highlights of each media- 




“Holiday in Dirt; 14 short films of the music of Stan Ridgway” on UltraModern/New West,

(with Rick Fuller) Notable showings: Sound Unseen, Netflix


“M-80” – concert film of the legendary Minneapolis concert from 1979 featuring Devo,

James Chance, the Fleshtones, and a host of others. On MVD (with Rick Fuller). Notable

showings: Sound Unseen, Alamo Drafthouse, Noise Pop, Northwestern Film Forum,



“Unconvention: a Mix-Tape from St. Paul”-  re-mix documentary that I also directed,

about the 2008 Republican National Convention. Notable showings: Twin Cities

International Film Festival, Walker Art Center


MUSIC (live)  


Mark Mallman Marathon III – a 78-hour song performed live by Mark Mallman and 78 or

so musicians. Broadcast live to 40k+ people on the net.


Future Perfect – an experimental music collective I ran from 1995- 2003. 17

performances at venues such as First Avenue, The Walker Art Center, a four year

residency at the Fredrick R. Weisman Museum of Art, Orchestra Hall, Intermedia Arts,

Red Eye Theater, and the Landmark Center.  Outside shows and tours with artists:

Holger Czukay (Can), Cluster and Windy and Carl


House Nation/Depth Probe/Bedrock Music Appreciation Society- So many shows that no

one has a clue to the total count. In places that include the Cricket, The Southern, the

7th Street Entry (promotion only). This is the era where I learned how to turn a trend into

a community.


MUSIC (recorded) 


Bad Companions, Irwin Chusid, Michael Yonkers, Philip Johnson, Revolutionary Snake

Ensemble, Snaildartha 6, Stan Ridgway, the Vibro Champs, Thunder in the Valley, –

really dozens more but this is a nice start.




Unconvention: the TV Show– a 4-episode series based on the art and politics of the 2008

Republican National Convention. Aired on SPNN and through several Forecast

installations and websites.


Conversation-Producer/writer/host of a TV show made for SPNN and Twin Cities Public

Television but never aired. A post-punk “Person to Person”; one-on-one interviews with

people sharing stories. Done in Black and White with no zoom lenses.


What. -Producer/writer/host of a TV show about music meant to document the

burgeoning MPLS pop scene. The show found a small audience across the US and in

Puerto Rico. Described as “Ernie Kovacs hosting American Bandstand”. Won a 1995

Hometown Video Award. Produced with SPNN, and broadcast on KTCA.


Creative Director at the Institute of Production and Recording

November 2006 – June 2008

Worked as a creative problem solver on any and all aspects of school issues:

advertising, marketing, recruitment, retention, big picture visioning on curriculum.

• Developed all advertising and promotional material including web redesign

• Oversaw design on a campus expansion

• Developed relationships with local media

• Brand redefinition


Program Chair: Entertainment Business at the Institute of Production and 


January 2003 – November 2006

Coauthored the original curriculum for the EB degree, wrote and developed classes,

hired and oversaw teachers. Worked as an advisor on all things related to entertainment

business on the corporate side of the school. Taught the primary introduction course for

the school, the only one that was required of all students.


Director of Artist and Product at American Composers Forum

2001 – 2004

Responsible for operations in terms of artist relations, distribution, manufacture,

scheduling, development of marketing plans and art direction. Artists include The

Clouds, Revolutionary Snake Ensemble, the Beat Circus, Mathew Burtner, George

Cartwright, ICE, Electropolis, Victoria Jordanova, Philip Johnston.


Director of Artist and Product at Twin/Tone Records Group (TRG)

1995 – 2001

Responsible for day-to-day operations, handling artist relations, overseeing distribution,

manufacture, publicity, scheduling, marketing plans, art and branding. Ran point for 12

separate labels, and several employees, partners and interns with some 200 releases

including: Ed Kuepper, Marlee Macleod, Brother Sun Sister Moon, Likehell, The Celibate

Rifles, the Beatifics, Lifter Puller, Spare Snare. Developed it as the first label in the US to

go digital.


El Presidente at UltraModern

1995 – 2003

Record Label/media Company with more than 20 records and one movie. Artists include:

Stan Ridgway. Savage Aural Hotbed, The Vibro Champs, Skip Heller, February, Future

Perfect. Distribution deals with ADA (via partnership with Twin/Tone), Rounder (via

partnership with Atomic Theory), RED (via partnership with New West Records). With

music placed on tens of shows for MTV and ESPN







Ghost writing is hard thing to talk about in a resume situation; suffice it to say Iʼve done a

fair amount of it.


Wrote all the advertising copy and bios for the Institute of Production and Recording.

Two columns on America Online’s Digital City: “Dig The New Breed” and “Ask A

Slacker”. A regular column in Pulse called “Our Friend Electric”, as well as various

articles in City Pages, Request, Cake, Pulse, and Review. Regular contributor to the

zines: And She Said, the DJ Wrapup and numerous others.


Featured in the book Twitter Wit.


Wrote the surprisingly popular blog “Kerry Doesn’t Suck” in 2004, though in the end I

was wrong and Kerry did sort of suck. Sorry about that one.


Composer /Performer


As a composer and performer I have had work at the Walker Art Center, Orchestra Hall,

and the Fredrick R. Weisman Museum of Art. I have performed in King Paisley, Ex-

Boyfriends of Pamela, Seduction of Timothy, A Most Happy Sound, and The Snaildartha

6. Under my own name in styles from hardcore experimental to lush techno pop, to jazz.

My recordings include one record with King Paisley, two with Future Perfect, three with

Paris1919, and the contemporary holiday classic Snaildartha.



Curator of Music at Red Eye Collaboration

1993 – 1995


Curator at Hair Police

1989 – 1992


Publicity Director at Rifle Sport

1986 – 1989



University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 1986 – 1991

IDIM: Theater, film studies, and performance art with a special emphasis in popular



Totino-Grace 1983 – 1986


Honors and Awards  

Numerous Jerome Commissions, Multi year residency@ Fredrick R. Weisman Museum

of Art, Hometown video award for What. Best electronic record for 1997’s “Music for

Listening” record by Future Perfect, Executive Produced The Clouds-Grammy

Nominated for best package.