In 2009 Chris had a kidney transplant thanks to the generosity of Scott Pakudaitis, An acquaintance that changed the course of his life.  Strouth had a long  fight with IgA nephropathy a disease with no outward symptoms until its essentially too late, a disease  that he had most likely  since he was 12 years old, a fight that eventually saw him unable to send for more than three minutes at a time, and eventually being on dialysis, and  He tweeted about the whole ordeal on Twitter and Facebook  eventually becoming the first person to get an organ via Social media. The story was covered at length in the media, with appearances in everything to the Washington Post to the Rikki Lake show and was one of the first stories featured in Twitter’s Stories section.

Chris’s health is  going well (Knock on Wood), and has been a board member for the Minnesota chapter of  National Kidney Foundation since 2010

The following is a  play list of video’s the first being his document of it, and the others a series of interviews for University of Minnesota Medical Center

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