Conversation was a television program that I created, produced and hosted to be broadcast on KTCA.  The idea was to create an evergreen talk show, something like Dick Cavett or Person to Person. It would literally be a conversation–sometimes the …

Twin/Tone Records Group



From 1995 to 2001 I was the Director of Artist and Product for the Twin/Tone Record Group, a label that also oversaw a family of about twelve other labels.  Director of A&P is a fancy way of saying that …



M-80 was a concert that happened in 1979.  It was the  definitive concert of the No Wave movement, presented by the Walker Art Center. Two days, twenty bands, all filmed for a movie to come out…except it never did…


Innova/American Composers Forum


Innova is the record label of the American Composers Forum; they are the second largest nonprofit label in the US after Smithsonian Folkways. I started to work officially for them in 2001 after 8 years of on and off consulting …

Future Perfect

Future Perfect Logo

Future Perfect was an experimental sound system I created in the late 90’s.  To quote from its bio:

“Future Perfect is a sound system, integrating music, abstract sound,  video and light to create an environment. A cross cultural concept mixing …

Paris 1919


Paris1919 has been my primary focus for the past two years. It is a combination of extremely self driven work along with large collaborations for live events.  In this case most of the recordings are just me, or one or …

Holiday in Dirt

holiday in dirt

My Beloved Movie Star (directed by Rick Fuller)

Holiday in Dirt was my first big multimedia project. The idea was to take great film and videomakers and let them each pick a song off of the Stan Ridgway album “Holiday …

UnConvention: a Mix-Tape from Saint Paul


“Unconvention, a Mixtape from St. Paul” is a feature length documentary I produced about the 2008 Republican Convention.

Political party conventions are not known for being memorable, except of course when they are. 1968 ring a bell? For four …

Mark Mallman Marathon III



Mark Mallman is musician, composer, and rock star, and on October 10, 2010 he finished a marathon: he played one song for seventy eight hours. It was watched online by more than twenty five thousand people from all over …



I started writing essays on a professional level in 1996 when I was asked to do a column for America Online’s Digital City. Entitled “Dig the New Breed”, it started its life as a music column telling you all the …



I started doing design work in 1987 when I was sophomore in college working for a place called T-Shirt Inc. They did a combination of almost every rock and roll t-shirt in the US, and a ton of the retail …



AlliedChemical started as a joke, a funny way to answer the telephone. But it took on a life of its own as my work led me into the internet. In 1996 I was working at Twin/Tone and consulting for Liquid